What’s up with the election results?


Image Courtesy of Quickmemes.com

I’m genuinely shell-shocked to find Tony Abbott has actually become the prime minister of Australia. I mean I know the odds seemed to be ‘ever in his favour’ from the polls, but I have never heard a single living person say a word in support of his leadership.

He looks just like Mr Anderson from The Matrix and he seems like narrow minded pratt. Tony Abbott has been seen in speedos, his ears have been known to flap like dumbo when he flies around the truth and his policies are so ten years ago I can’t even fathom how he got people to back him up.

I thought Australia was a progressive country leaning towards open mindedness, I was proud to consider myself a member of a community that, in my opinion was erring towards not racist and moving towards not sexist.

I looked forward to a future that embraced high speed technology, encouraged innovation, protected national park land and cared about the environment. A country that allowed two people of any gender to legally say they were eternally dedicated to one another. Instead I find myself in a country paused upon the brink of a backwards trip along the time continuum.

Where did all this support come from? All I can say is it certainly wasn’t from Gen Y in Melbourne.

What do you think of Tony’s election as president? Let me know in the comments below.