Inside the Apple Store

apple store
Apple Store 
Inspired by Daniel Kharms Tumbling Babushkas
For miles about the battered people line. Behind the shop of snake-ish fruit sign, to dissolve the last make. The first person enters and is told that now skin sample is required. Gladly biopsied for the white thick solid. He is gone amidst the ample t-shirt help. The next one, out of curiosity, lured inside by sterility followed the first. And she too into white and silver plastic sea was lost to technical waiting line. Later, emerging from comatic state of peoples backs walks Olma who hasn’t heard of the PRODUCT. Her turn, ecstatic beam eyes to find only disappointment on flat pack tables.


I tessellate
when i consider the anxious options
spread apart like a pattern the edges
            like our fingers sometimes
   brushing against each repeated shape
capturing a part of the infinite expansion of perfectly set rotations
A piece fits to its neighbour
             As a lock slid into its natural comfortable place
I tessellate this moment in my head