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Artist of the Day: Fiona Hall

ImageFiona Hall is an Australian contemporary Sculptor and Artist. She is best known for her installations and taking common place things and transforming them to give them new meaning.

Her most recent exhibition Big Game Hunting has toured Australia and was recently on display at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

In this particular exhibition she takes army uniforms and plaits and twists them into creatures, a human with a gas mask and a monkey among others.

Her work speaks to the political environment of war and has a poignancy I think is missed by many other contemporary and experimental artists.

Learn more at the Heide.



Artist of the day: Roy Lichtenstein


Lichtenstein has always been one of my favourite pop artists. He was an american dude whose attire was so Steve Jobs it’s hard to believe that brewing inside him was a flurry of brightly coloured dots and lines.

He rose to prominence in the 1960s along with others in the pop art movement such as Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and others. His art is based on the comic strip often parodying the characters in comics such as in Drowning Girl.

He uses precise composition and many series of dots and occasionally lines to produce large prints. He was a master of appropriation.

Applying a systematic approach to his creative energy, his entire body of work was constructed following a sophisticated strategy of image selection, reinterpretation and reissue.

Lichtenstein developed a central creative principle that became a potent formula: an ability to identify over-used cultural clichés and to repackage them as monumental remixes.

Lichtenstein collage

Artist of the Day: Karl Kwasny


Karl reflects on the ghosts of girlfriends past.

If Salvador Dali met Bryan Lee O’Malley in the back of an alley after having become obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and they somehow started making out and became one person and then got in the Tardis and came out in Australia in 2013, that would be how Karl Kwasny was born.

Karl Kwasny is an Australian illustrator, typographer and writer now living in New York.

His art is often surreal whimsical and childlike juxtaposed with themes of death and somberness. He likes Korean food and once designed for Mooks, the Melbourne fashion label. In short Karl Kwasny is pretty baller and you should look at his art.

Karl Kwasny

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